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A long way to the euro, even if we want it

Witold Gadomski / 02-09-2015
The chances of Poland entering the euro area in the coming years are slim. The reasons for this are political and are connected with the constitutional provision that Narodowy Bank Polski has the exclusive right to issue money and implement monetary policy in Poland. Also from an economic standpoint, Poland still does not meet all the conditions required to join the euro area.

Start-ups from the Eastern countries are the opportunity for Polish VC funds

Magdalena Olczak / 01-09-2015
As public money flows into venture capital funds in Poland, the supply of available financing is larger than the pool of projects fit for investment. One solution to this problem would be to engage start-ups from Eastern countries.

It is better not to buy foreign investors

Małgorzata Grzegorczyk / 28-08-2015
Our business is not to buy investments but to shape an economic map of Poland - talks to Sławomir Majman, President of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

Belarus on a long way to WTO

Aleś Alachnovic / 25-08-2015
Belarusian Deputy Foreign Minister, Aliaksandar Hurjanaŭ, declared in June 16th that Belarus was planning to finish all of the technical work for the accession to the World Trade Organisation in a year.  However, three years ago the same Minister projected that Belarus would join the WTO by the end of 2013. Given the state of the Belarusian economy it is still unrealistic.

After recession Russia will slide into stagnation

Aleś Alachnovič / 21-08-2015
The decline in oil price and economic sanctions deepened the slowdown in Russia’s GDP lasting from 2011. Due to the lack of internal and external growth drivers, this time Russia is unlikely to return to a high-growth path over the next few years.

Banking union is created through convergence and dialogue

Jacek Ramotowski / 04-08-2015
Thanks to Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) for the first time we will have a real assessment of banks’ business models across the EU, which is a key for assessment of sustainability. CE Financial Observer talks to Piers Haben, director in the European Banking Authority.

Mission (im)possible: first home

Krystian Jaworski / 27-07-2015
10 solutions that could be easily implemented in short/medium term to improve housing problem in Poland. Kristian Jaworski is the winner of Obserwator Finansowy’s contest If it were up to me… – what would I change in public finances.

Even without the war, recession would have hit Ukraine

Jakub Biernat / 09-07-2015
One day of war in Ukraine may cost even up to 14 million euro, says Ukrainian economist, Oleksandr Zholud. In an exclusive interview Zholud talks about Ukrainian economy in difficult times.

Western assistance is only lining the Ukrainian authorities’ pockets

Michał Kozak / 06-07-2015
Ukraine could be firmly back on its legs within a few years with a reasonable support of the West, despite all its current problems. But this requires a change of the mindset of the ruling class – a challenge far greater than obtaining the funds.

Lukashenko is waiting for foreign loans and manually controls the economy

Jakub Biernat / 11-06-2015
The Belarusian authorities are tackling the crisis in their traditional way: by using administrative methods. The goal is to maintain stability until the presidential elections in autumn 2015. However, the plan, which relies on the maintenance of the economic policy known from socialist times, may be thwarted by the crisis in Russia.

Special Economic Zones have hardly boosted growth

Małgorzata Grzegorczyk / 08-06-2015
Special economic zones are beneficial for regions that are at intermediate stages of development. In most cases they have not added to the growth of local communities.

Government securities saved profits of banks, but not for long

Jacek Ramotowski / 26-05-2015
The profits of banks in Q1’2015 significantly exceeded expectations but this may not last long. There are many issues that can impact future financial results of a banking sector in Poland.

The Varangians in Kiev

Michał Kozak / 11-05-2015
The landing force of foreign specialists, known in Ukraine as “the Varangian team”, are appointed to successive positions in the state administration. Are Varangians the last hope of Ukraine or just a fig leaf used by the new government?