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In this section you can find selected articles in English.

Ailing coal giant Kompania Węglowa seeks wage cut to lure investors

Jo Harper

It would be a pity to miss the opportunities

Krzysztof Nędzyński

Exxon and OMV Petrom estimate Black Sea gas deposits at 100 billion cubic meters

Jo Harper

Oscar and Scar? Kosovo’s New Year Resolutions

Tom Hashimoto

Bulgaria may be a front-runner for UN’s top job, but time is ticking

Rumyana Vakarelska

Open Borders Will Boost Ukrainian Migration

Katarzyna Bartman

Digital semi-illiterates

Piotr Arak

560 percent growth thanks to innovation

Maria Bnińska

Bulgaria starts IBEX and completes its energy market liberalization

Rumyana Vakarelska